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Quick and easy Bazaar makes
Soap-and-flannel Bunny
(particularly useful for Easter Bazaars etc.)

For each Bunny you will need 1 face flannel
1 bar of soap - oval if possible
small amount of wool
12" length of narrow ribbon (optional)
3 buttons - 2 matching for eyes and 1 for nose
cotton wool ball
needle and thread

Fold the flannel (face cloth) corner to corner to form a triangle. Starting at the point of the triangle opposite the long side (folded), loosely roll the flannel towards the folded edge to form a roll approximately 2" wide.
Place the soap in the middle of the roll and bring the ends together, tie firmly with wool to form "body" and "neck" of bunny. Tie the remaining ends of flannel with wool midway between the "neck" and the ends to form a "head" and "ears." Sew on buttons for eyes and a nose, a cotton wool ball for a tail and tie a ribbon bow round the neck if available as a finishing touch.

You could substitute a Cadbury's cream egg (or a similar size) for the soap.

Wash House
Cheap, quick, easy and attractive to buyers!

For each Wash House you need
1 large sponge scouring pad
1 thin scouring pad (the coarse green kind is best)
1 J cloth
Scraps of felt or cloth for doors and windows
straight dressmaker's pins

Attach the thin pad to the thick one with pins to form a "roof" and fold and roll the J-cloth to fit inside the roof space. (See diagram). Attach "doors" and "windows" with pins. Fasten on a note warning that pins have been used.
Hankie "Parasol"
This one takes more time and dexterity but is well worth the effort.

For each parasol you need
1 handkerchief - lace-trimmed ones are particularly effective
1 piece dowelling approximately 8" - 9" long.
Lengths of ribbon, scraps of lace etc. to decorate.
Glue - copydex or similar.
Stiff paper/thin card

First cover half the length of the dowelling with ribbon, winding spirally but sticking ONLY the ends to the wood. Leave to dry. (Fig. 1)
Cut eight 4" squares of paper/thin card and curve one corner to make a rough quarter circle .
Fold the handkerchief in half and then in half again, making a smaller square (Fig. 2)
Place the UNCOVERED end of the dowel into the corner of the handkerchief; pin points A, B, C and D evenly round the dowel, pushing pins through the ribbon covering along the length of the dowel so that the ends do NOT stick out. Next pin the intermediate points W, X, Y and Z in between the original four points to make eight "pockets" around the stick. (Fig. 3)
Roll the paper shapes to make a rough cone - insert point downwards into each "pocket" and allow to spring loose to hold shape out. Decorate with a ribbon bow etc. round the "handle." (Fig. 4) The "pockets" around the parasol can be used for small sweets, pot pourri or anything else which will fit!