Beaded Pins: fiddly to make, but the end product is very satisfactory!

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Glass seed beads are cheap to buy (usually by weight) and available in a wide range of colours. Small safety pins should be used, the smallest brass ones for the hanging, beaded, pins and the next size larger for the pin from which they are hung and which is used to attach the finished product.
I find it easier to attach the small pins to the larger pin before threading them with beads : open the larger pin and insert its point through the loop of the small pin then wind the small pin round the loop of the large pin onto the BACK shank of the larger pin (clear as mud? Try it, it works!) Thread the seed beads onto each pin following your chosen design; the beads are not all the same size so you will have to select beads which will fit your pins. Close each pin as you fill it and use a pair of pliers (or your teeth - I do!) to carefully pinch the head of each hanging pin closed to prevent it accidentally opening and the beads coming off.

For mass-produced small pins and swaps, try attaching just a single pin to a "hanger" pin (you could use a larger size to get more beads on) and allow the girls free rein as to their patterns. They are surprisingly attractive; larger pins can accomodate larger beads - check hole sizes first - and different shaped glass beads are available to add variety.

For an illustrated explanation of how to do these, see

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