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"Flower Weaving"
Your own personal Weatherman
There are two ways of making your "weatherman" : for the first you will need a strip of card approximately 3" wide and wool in the colour(s) of your choice. Wind the wool around the card for 15-20 turns (or more if you want a fat weatherman!); slide a length of wool under the loops on the card ant tie off tightly at one edge (fig. 1). Slide the bundle of wool of the card carefully and tie round approx. half an inch from the top to form his "head" (fig. 2). Make his "arms" by winding wool around 3 fingers for aopprox. 10 turns, tie at both ends and slip through the centre of the weatherman's "body" then tie off his "waist" (fig. 3). divide the rest of the wool into two "legs" and tie off for "ankles." Cut the loops at his "feet" and "hands" and fluff out and trim (fig. 4). Stitch or stick on eyes and mouth.
The second method is to plait the wool, or, better still, string - thin string for a small weatherman to wear, thick "hairy" string for an outdoor hanging weatherman (fig. 5).
Whichever method you choose, attach your finished weatherman to a pin or hanging loop and fasten the following instructions to him :
If I am wet, it is raining.
If I am dry, it is fine.
If I am moving, it is windy.
If I am stiff, it is freezing.
If I am white, it is snowing.
If you can't see me, it is foggy.

(From an idea contributed by Hedon Brownies)